Jewelry Facts

Carnation Bracelet with Red Beads

Carnation Bracelet with Red Beads

About the Jewelry

Peggy personally handcrafts each piece in this unique collection of jewelry.  She gathers spent bicycle inner tubes from bicycle repair shops.  The tubes are thoroughly cleaned and deodorized before cutting, folding, twisting, bending, layering, and compressing the components into finished jewelry.  The jewelry is lightweight and comfortable to wear.  The magnetic clasps are easy to fasten.

Materials Used

  • Recycled rubber inner tubes from bicycles
  • Beads and spacers made from a variety of materials which could include glass, stone, resin, recycled vinyl records, sterling silver, stainless steel and other metals
  • Other elements such as linen, tyvek, and found items
  • Nylon-covered stainless steel multi-strand wire
  • Magnetic clasps

Jewelry Care

Your jewelry may be hand washed in warm water with mild soap.  Rinse and pat dry with a towel.  If desired, lightly coat with talcum powder when fully dry.  Sprinkle a little on your hands and apply sparingly.  To avoid kinking the stringing wire, please coil or lay flat when storing.  Avoid excessive contact with oil, as it will degrade rubber over time.

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